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About Us

Mrs UrbanI began teaching math over twenty years ago out of a passion for mathematics and because I enjoy helping students learn and understand math.  There is nothing more exciting than when students have those ‘aha’ moments when a concept finally ‘clicks’~~

However, the 2010 budget crisis creating a possible shortened school year, increased furlough days for teachers, and potential reduction in force of 500 or more teachers (greatly increasing class size), made it increasingly evident that the 2010-11 school year was going to be a difficult one for all, most of all the students!   I then asked myself the following questions:

Is my current status as a teacher was what I had imagined twenty years ago?”,
Am I able to spend the time with each student that is necessary for his or her success?”,
Is this going to change in the near future? 

My answers?  No!  No! and No!~~

With such a shortage of qualified high school math tutors, I decided that I could offer more to students if I removed the constraints imposed by the system and help students learn math individually, in small groups, or in small class instruction ~ ~

~~ the inspiration behind ANOVA Learning Services.

Since 2010,  ANOVA Learning Services has helped many students not only achieve and/or maintain success in their high school math courses, we have assisted with college courses, homebound services, test preparation for SAT®, ACT®, PSAT®, GHSGT, EOCT, and others, as well as preparation for magnet school placement.  We have also helped students prepare for the upcoming school year with JumpStart camps, off-semester instruction for block scheduling, as well as diagnostic testing and remediation prior to the upcoming school year.  We offer Bridge Courses for students switching from private to public school (or public to private school) to gap the differences in the varying curricula.

With the class size increase that started in 2010 combined with the typical time-sapping demands placed on teachers, not to mention countless curriculum changes, many students will need even more assistance outside of school than in past years.  Our goal is to help students learn and understand the math skills necessary to be successful in their current math course as well as to assist them, if necessary, with preparing for the upcoming year.

All tutors/instructors hold current Georgia Teaching Certificates in Mathematics and have actual classroom experience teaching mathematics so they are able to properly assess and address various weaknesses/strengths as well as strategies to help students become successful in mathematics.  Students will not be tutored by another high school student, nor by adults whose only qualification is that they are ‘good at math’.

Having the ability to ‘do math’ does not necessarily mean one has the ability to ‘teach math’.

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