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Useful Links and Resources

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Here is a list of websites and other resources. Basic Arithmetic Practice – this is a great site to practice those basic addition & multiplication skills! Exponent & Radical Practice – practice basic exponent rules as well as negative, complex numbers, and radicals

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General Blooms Taxonomy Dinah Zike’s Foldables Graph Paper – all kinds: cartesian, trig, polar, normal distributions… No Homework Binder – absolutely one of the most amazing ideas I have seen for documenting the ‘excuses’! Common Core 6th Grade Standards – cute, teacher-friendly printable 7th Grade Standards All Things Common Core – website resources Math Standards …

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The following websites are listed alphabetically by topic. Basic Skills Practice/Maintenance Scientific & Graphing Calculators That Quiz – skills practice for all areas TI-30 Multiview User Guide Online Graphing Calculator 1 Algebra Geometry Binomial Multiplication Factoring Polynomials – Special Cases Factoring – Zero Product Theorem Polynomial Multiplication Quadratic Function Explorer Quadratic Functions – Graphing Quadratic …

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