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Here is a list of websites and other resources.

Basic Arithmetic Practice – this is a great site to practice those basic addition & multiplication skills!

Exponent & Radical Practice – practice basic exponent rules as well as negative, complex numbers, and radicals

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College Information

Board of Regents – University System of Georgia Staying on Course:  High School Curriculum Requirements for the University System of Georgia  [4/10/2012] The following courses will satisfy entrance requirements for Students Graduating 2012 or 2013 (pg. 4) -Mathematics I (or GPS Algebra) -Mathematics II (or GPS Geometry) -Mathematics Support III (or GPS Advanced Algebra Support) …

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Curriculum Update Next year in Georgia, public schools will implement the Common Core GPS Standards (CCGPS).  Students will take their math courses depending on what year they entered high school.  Our summer JumpStart Camps will address these changes and prepare students for the appropriate course. Students entering High School Fall 2012 and after… …all students …

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Graph Paper

Cartesian (x,y) 1 per page 5×5 2 per page 10×10 1 per page 10×10 2 per page 15×15 1 per page 15×15 4 per page 10×10 1 per page 20×20 6 per page 10×10 1 per page 25×25 12 per page 10×10 15 per page 10×10 Trigonometric 3 per page [0,2π] 4 per page [-2π,2π] …

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Summer Packets

Cobb County Schools (6/14/2012) Allatoona:  None Posted on Website Harrison:   Math I* (Accelerated)*   ♦   Math II* (Accelerated)   ♦   Math III (Accelerated)   ♦   Alg 3 x♦   Trig x♦   Calculus x♦   AP Calculus *These courses no longer exist – website appears to have not been updated since last year Kell: …

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