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Fourth Year Math Options

Fourth Year Math Options

It is important for students to select their 4th year math class with regards to their post-secondary plans as certain colleges have their own requirements and some courses are not being accepted by 4-yr colleges.  It is recommended that students research the requirements of various colleges and degree programs within those colleges to be certain they select courses that will meet the requirements.

There are many choices, including on-level and AP® , but it is important to note that not all of these course will be offered at all schools.  Check with your school for local course offerings.

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COURSE (Prerequisite)
•      AP® Calculus AB  (Mathematics IV or Accelerated Mathematics III)
•      AP® Calculus BC  (Accelerated Mathematics III or AP® Calculus AB)
•      AP® Statistics  (Mathematics III or Accelerated Mathematics II)
•      Multivariable Calculus (AP® Calculus BC)
•      Mathematics IV or GPS Pre-Calculus (Mathematics III or Accelerated Mathematics II)
•      Calculus (Mathematics IV or Accelerated Mathematics III)
•      History of Mathematics (AP® Calculus AB or AP® Calculus BC)
•      Advanced Mathematical Decision Making(Mathematics III or Accelerated Mathematics II)
•      Mathematics of Industry & Government* (Mathematics III or Accelerated Mathematics II)
•      Mathematics of Finance**  (LEA Flexibility)this is NOT Money Management

*Course may not prepare students for admission to all University System of Georgia colleges and universities, particularly those with selective admissions.

*Course not appropriate for students planning to enter into a STEM major in college.

**Not recognized by University System of Georgia Colleges & Universities as 4th year math course but WILL meet graduation requirements.

– Source: pg. 6 of     Staying on Course – High School Admission Requirements for the University System of Georgia    [Revised 4/10/2012]

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