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Old GPS (9-11)

Old Georgia Performance Standards (GPS)

This curriculum was implemented beginning Fall 2008 in 9th grade.  Each student takes courses from either the On Level sequence or the Accelerated sequence as well as a 4th year math course required for students graduating AFTER 2013 by the Board of Regents for admittance into any school within the University System of Georgia (click here for details).  Students graduating 2013 or prior may meet requirements for some colleges by completing Math III and Math III support.  The course sequences are as follows.  Each link will direct you to the appropriate content at the Georgia Department of Education Website.

On Level

  • 9th grade:  GPS Math I
  • 1oth grade:  GPS Math II
  • 11th grade:  GPS Math III


  • 9th grade:  Accelerated Math I
  • 1oth grade:  Accelerated Math II
  • 11th grade:  Accelerated Math III

4th Year Math Options

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