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Summer Packets

Cobb County Schools (6/14/2012)

Allatoona:  None Posted on Website

Harrison:   Math I* (Accelerated)*   ♦   Math II* (Accelerated)   ♦   Math III (Accelerated)   ♦   Alg 3 x♦   Trig x♦   Calculus x♦   AP Calculus
*These courses no longer exist – website appears to have not been updated since last year

Kell:  None Posted on Website: [Last year’s  Math III/Math IV x♦  Accelerated Math III]

Kennesaw Mountain:   Magnet AC Coordinate Algebra  ♦  Magnet AC Math II practice 1  2  3  4  5  6  ♦   Magnet Accelerated Math III x♦   AP Calculus

North Cobb:   AP Calculus   [Last Year   AP Statistics]


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