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We offer a variety of math tutoring services including supervised study sessions, test prep, and review classes, summer camps, and help for those students new to Georgia’s GPS Curriculum.  We also offer a variety of  homebound and homeschool services along with research assistance for magnet program projects.


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Math Tutoring


Individual Tutoring Individual tutoring is a great way to get caught up from an extended absence, to remediate areas of weakness, or to work in great detail on a specific area of concern. This is also a great supplement to homebound and hospital homebound services, as students will typically not receive services from a highly …

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Small Class Sizes

JumpStart Camp

What is a jumpstart camp? Who will be teaching them? Why should I attend? What will I learn? Which one should I take? When are they? Where are they? How much does it cost? Registration Form xx♦xx Emergency Consent Form♦x What is a jumpstart camp? You may have done very well in your previous math …

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Home School

It is becoming more common for parents to home school their children.  While many educational organizations, such as the NEA, along with many public schools, portray home -schooled students as maladjusted and lacking social skills, teaching experiences with such students who have returned to the classroom for high school math have shown that typically, they …

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Research Assistance

Magnet Program Research Are you concerned about your magnet research project?  Don’t wait until it’s too late!  I have helped magnet students with their research and have judged many final presentations. Let me help you with your project design, statistical analysis, and practice and pre judge your presentation. Graduate Research Has the statistical analysis and/or …

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