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Home School

It is becoming more common for parents to home school their children.  While many educational organizations, such as the NEA, along with many public schools, portray home -schooled students as maladjusted and lacking social skills, teaching experiences with such students who have returned to the classroom for high school math have shown that typically, they score higher on standardized tests, are independent thinkers and learners, and actually have far superior social skills than many of those who have attended public schools since kindergarten.

Unfortunately, many home school parents hit the proverbial ‘wall’ when their students get to high school:  more difficult content along with changes in curriculum as well has higher expectations and standards.  They realize it will take them countless hours to relearn material they have forgotten, especially in math and science.

Realizing that many parents struggle with sending their home-schooled children back to some of the negative social influences found in public schools, we offer instruction in all high school math courses including AP® courses.  Your student will be taught by someone with years of experience and success teaching these courses, not someone who is just ‘good at math’.

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