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JumpStart Camp

What is a jumpstart camp?
Who will be teaching them?
Why should I attend?
What will I learn?
Which one should I take?
When are they?
Where are they?
How much does it cost?

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What is a jumpstart camp? You may have done very well in your previous math classes, but it is likely you may have forgotten some content and this could make building upon it very difficult for you.  If you struggled with some of your previous math classes, it may be even more difficult. During jumpstart camp you will re-learn, review, and practice those skills that you learned in previous courses that will be crucial for your success in the math class you will take this upcoming year.  In order to individualize instruction, class sizes will be no more than 7 students per teacher.  Most classes are typically 5 or less.

Who will be teaching them? All instructors hold a valid Georgia Teaching Certificate in Mathematics (6-12) and have classroom experience teaching the content in the course.

Why should I attend? So that you have a much easier time with math next year!  Often times students do not do well simply because they have forgotten necessary skills from previous courses, this is especially true on block scheduling!  Jumpstart will help with that.  We know exactly what is expected of you in each course and we will work on those skills so that you are ready!  Also, with the new HOPE Scholarship requirements, making A’s is more necessary than it used to be.  Jumpstart can be the difference in a letter grade or more!

What will I learn? We focus on reviewing and reinforcing previous skills that you will need in the upcoming course that will not be re-taught but that you will be expected to remember and are the building blocks for that course.  If you take the CCGPS Coordinate Geometry camp, you will learn content from ALL previous courses that you will need to be successful in CCGPS Coordinate Geometry.

Which one will I take? Take the one that corresponds to the math course you will take next year.  For example, if you took CCGPS Coordinate Algebra this year and will take CCGPS Coordinate Geometry next year, then you will take the CCGPS Coordinate Geometry Jumpstart Camp.  You will not learn CCGPS Coordinate Geometry during this camp, but rather the essential skills from previous courses so that you can be successful in CCGPS Coordinate Geometry.

When are they?  Due to the conflicting schedules of so many students’ summer obligations, these are set up on a ‘custom’ basis.  Please contact us regarding availability.  We can tailor the course to meet for an entire week for 2 hours per day, or for 5 weeks of one class per day for 2 hours per day, or any combination that meets 10 hours.  We can also do combinations that meet for 7.5  hours, or 5 hours, depending on student needs and availability.

Where are they? At  The Little Red Schoolhouse in Downtown Historic Acworth.  For a map and directions click here

How much does it cost?   $320 for 10 hour camp (2 student minimum) /$380 for AP Calculus
How much does it cost?   $255 for  7.5 hour camp (2 student minimum)/$310 for AP Calculus
How much does it cost?   $190 for 5  hour camp (2 student minimum) / $240 for AP Calculus

How much does it cost?   *Contact us for individual rates and for larger group rates (over 5 students).

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