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Math TutoringIndividual Tutoring

Individual tutoring is a great way to get caught up from an extended absence, to remediate areas of weakness, or to work in great detail on a specific area of concern.

This is also a great supplement to homebound and hospital homebound services, as students will typically not receive services from a highly qualified math teacher. Materials are delivered by an available teacher and students complete their assignments independently. This can be a source of extreme stress and frustration at a time in which a student and family least need it. We can help alleviate a great deal of this stress!

Small Group Tutoring

While individual tutoring is certainly valuable and has its place in math instruction & assistance, it is often overused when unnecessary. This creates increased costs for the parents and typically does not address other important issues regarding student learning and achievement.

For many students, ability and skills are not the cause of poor performance. Rather, it is the inability to work in a large group setting with minimal direct supervision. It is extremely important that a student learn to learn within this environment. Working with direct supervision and in a small group helps students learn skills that will benefit them in a larger class setting.

Because of differences in county, school, and various courses (support vs. on-level), combined with extracurricular obligations, these sessions must be coordinated by parents of students in the same class or classes that are following an identical pacing schedules.


rates per hour Regular Premium
Individual: $60 $75
Small Group (2-3): $50/student $65/student
Small Group (4-5): $40/student $55/student


  • All High School Math Courses, GPS, Common Core, & Traditional through pre Calculus or its equivalent
  • Test Prep for math sections of:  PSAT®, SAT®, GED®, GHSGT, EOCT
  • College Level Courses through Pre Calculus


  • Calculus, AP® Statistics, AP® Calculus AB, AP® Calculus BC
  • Test Prep for math sections of: GRE, GMAT
  • College Level Math Courses above Pre Calculus


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